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New Beginnings.....

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Hello and Welcome,

Thank you for your interest in the WeCiE network!

The main purpose of the network is to create a strong informal bond between women of colour across the globe who are working on issues of gender-based violence- often in some very challenging conflict and emergency settings.

Our work can be difficult. And lonely. Particularly if you are the only GBV specialist around, and even more so, if you are a woman of colour in a field where we are not often very visible.

This network seeks to address this sense of isolation, invisibility and much more. It is hoped that in time, we will be able to create a hub to share expertise, showcase our work through the blog and podcast functionalities of this site and elsewhere. We now have a presence on facebook, don't forget to sign up!

There are also plans in train to have a series of inspiring speakers talk to us as well as hearing from network members themselves.

We do have a way to go.

However, we already have a website with a forum, blog and our first meet up timetabled! All in just under a week of mooting the idea of the network on linkedin.

Thank you so much for your enthusiastic response. I look forward to meeting you at our first meet up on zoom.


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