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A space to Connect, Share and Promote.

WeCiE is a network born out of the need to increase the visibility of the work women of colour specialists are doing on gender-based violence during an emergency or conflict in their own countries and elsewhere. This forum provides a space for individual specialists to connect to women of colour around the globe, share experiences and solutions, exchange resources, and to collaborate on opportunities. Join us as we officially launch our network during  our first WeCiE Festival to celebrate the extraordinary work women are doing across the world in challenging times.  All welcome! scroll below for more details  or register here.


If you are a woman of colour working in the field of Gender-based Violence in emergencies - this space was created uniquely for you and we hope to see you in the network. Join here. We look forward to welcoming you.


Our #AlwaysBeenHere speaker series featured a number of truly courageous women at forefront of the driving change in their countries and elsewhere.



Thank you!

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